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Alberta Vehicle Registration – The Licensing Company

Vehicle Registration


For first time registration, please bring the following documents:

 Original Bill of sale

    Scans, emails or photo copies will not be accepted.

    If you bought the vehicle from a dealership and don’t have

the original have the dealership fax the bill of sale to our office directly.

Proof of valid insurance. Must be in the name of the person(s) on the registration.

 Valid Alberta license

  If you do not have a valid Alberta license you must provide proof of Alberta Residency Documents (PDF) and provide a valid piece of government issued photo ID.

 Original NVIS

   Scans, emails or photo copies will not be accepted.

  If the document has been lost the dealership must provide you with a copy of the factory invoice as well as a letter on letterhead explaining what happened to the original NVIS.


Visit our office for your Vehicle Registration.


If you are unable to come into the office in person you can complete the Authorization Form (PDF) allowing someone else to come in on your behalf. 


For a Vehicle Lien Search, please click here.




You must bring: 

  • Valid Insurance – Must be in the name of all registrants
  • Valid Alberta License or other government-issued photo ID


  • For online renewal, click here.
  • To transfer a Vehicle Registration, click here.
  • To cancel a Vehicle Registration, click here.


1. To Request for the Out of Province Inspection form, please bring the following documents to our office:

Proof of ownership. (ORIGINAL: title/previous registration (Registered to the Same Individual in another Province)/bill of sale)
Valid Identification (License or any government issued I.D.)
Customs form #1. (out of country vehicles only) 

Note: This form must be given to the mechanic on the date of inspection. Once your vehicle passes inspection, you will receive a form back from the mechanic. The form you receive is ONLY VALID FOR 14 DAYS from the date listed on the document, after this period the vehicle will have to be re-inspected.

2. To Register, please bring these documents:

Valid Alberta insurance in the name of the registered owner(s).
 Mechanical Inspection Form (from certified mechanic). This form is only valid for 14 days from the date of completion.
Valid Identification (License or any government issued I.D.).
Proof of ownership (ORIGINAL: title/current registration from other province/bill of sale).
Customs form #1 (out of country vehicles only).
Authorization form (If someone else is registering it on your behalf).

Information for Vehicle Exemption Process please click here.

Note: We do not Process a Vehicle Exemption at our location but can contact us for details.

Veteran Plates


Veteran plates are available to those who have or are serving for the Canadian Forces, reserve forces included.


To get Veteran Plates:


 You will need to have the veteran attribute added to your account.

      To get this attribute you will need to submit the Veteran’s License Plate Application (PDF) to the address specified in the Veteran Plate Information (PDF) form.

 Once you have the attribute you will need to transfer the plate onto the existing vehicle or register a vehicle for the first time.

      To transfer the plate to a vehicle already under your name you will require your license and valid insurance.

        To get the plate on a new vehicle you will need the Original Bill Of Sale (PDF), NVIS (if applicable), valid insurance and license.

Antique Plates

Antique plates can be placed on any vehicle that is able to be registered in Alberta and is at least 25 years old.


The plates are a onetime registration but come with the following restrictions:


 Only operated as a collector’s item in exhibitions, club activities, parades and transportation to and from these activities.

 Driven to and from a garage for servicing.

 Never used for general transportation

    This means no Sunday drives or trips to the grocery store.

Support our Troops

These plates are available to the general public for an additional fee and require annual validation.

Support Our Troops Plate Letter (PDF).

Personalized Plates

These plates are available to the general public and can be ordered for vehicles, off-highway vehicles or motorcycles.


Plates cannot have:


 Human rights discrimination.

      The plate must not reference or ridicule any race, religion, ethnic origin, ancestry, creed, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, disabilities etc.

 Foul language.

 Sexual connotations.

 Reference to political figures, dignitaries, opinion, slurs, affiliation and/or organization.

 Reference to violence and/or criminal activity. Plate must not reference:

        Any activity which is prohibited by law.

         Any privilege not given by law.

 Text message abbreviation that may be deemed offensive.

 Words that, when translated, are offensive.

 Reference to alcoholic beverages or controlled substances or paraphernalia used in the consumption thereof.


Vehicle plates can have a maximum of 7 characters.

Off-highway/motorcycle plates can have a maximum of 5 characters.

Prorate Services

Alberta is a member of the International Registration Plan (IRP), a reciprocity registration agreement among Canadian and US jurisdictions. This program applies to Alberta carriers who travel in Alberta and at least one other province or state. Rather than obtaining and paying for plates and registration in each jurisdiction, prorate offers the advantage of proportionate licensing in Alberta.


AT, Prorate Services will be responsible for approving your initial prorate application and any further related transactions and will assign the appropriate information on our systems and the PIRPS.


After the supplements are created by Prorate Services, we will be pleased to assist you in processing your prorate service supplements and providing you with the appropriate registrations, plates and stickers.

Please contact us for more information at


Fleet Registration

To qualify for the Permanent Fleet Program, you must have 10 or more commercial vehicles registered at all times within a fleet.


 Have the option to register/renew your vehicles quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

 All fleets expire at the end of December every year.

 All fleet vehicles receive a permanent black fleet tab for their license plate and a continuous registration slip.

Please contact us for more information at


Expired ID is not accepted

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