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The online site can only be used if you are renewing your registration without changes. If you require any changes to your registration, for example a name or address change, you must apply for the renewal in person at our registry office.


If you have any outstanding fines, you will not be able to renew your registration online. If you choose to pay your fines online first, you must wait a couple of days for the payment to process before you can renew online.


If you are less than 10 business days away from your expiry date on your registration, renew your registration in person.


To renew online, you will need:

Your vehicle registration certificate
The insurance details from your pink card
A credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express)

Delivery Method


Customer Pickup : no additional charge


We are located at:

Bow Valley Square

123-205 5 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 2V7


Express Post Delivery Charge : add $20 plus GST

Please click the button below to start your Online Registration Renewal

Auto Renewal

Skip the pain of renewing each year and set up Auto Renewal today

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